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How to Make Mercury Retrograde Easier

It's that time of year again - people are feeling spooked and scared, fearful of invisible malevolent energy.

Is it Hallowe'en? Nope. It's the dreaded Mercury retrograde!

Even casual followers of astrology are conditioned to feel nervous during Mercury retrograde.

Retrogrades happen when a planet appears to be going backwards. From an energetic perspective, it means that things may not move forward as you expect or hope, which can make you feel stuck and frustrated.

It's easy to overlook the benefits of retrogrades. Retrogade periods give us an opportunity to go inward, review and release baggage from the past.

Usually Mercury goes retrograde once per year. 2020 being what it is, this is the third time it's gone retrogade this year!

Plus, Mercury (representing communication), Mars (representing action), Neptune (representing individual freedoms) and Uranus (representing innovation) are in retrograde.

We're not being gently nudged to mild introspection. We're being forced to deal with our shadow, to look at our life more closely, at what's working, and what isn't.

Like anything in life, we can choose how to react to a situation, even when we didn't choose it.

We're collectively experiencing a time when our freedoms are restricted, we're not able to move around or take action in the ways that we're used to.

Here's how to manage retrograde energy in your favour:

  1. Plan, don't panic. Mercury retrograde can lead to issues with electronic devices. Back up your information and anticipate technical glitches so that you have a plan B. Need to sign a contract or important documents? Have an expert review it. The silver lining to this? You can get more comfortable asking for help from others, which will serve you well going forward.

  2. Retrograde periods support getting organized internally, or in the home. Release pent-up frustration, aka Mars retrograde energy, by organizing your home office or garage. Gym closed? Switch to an online workout plan.

  3. Rework your life and manage your energy to your advantage. Did you start a self-improvement or home improvement project before lockdown that you abandoned? Start planning how you could rework these projects. It's best not to start something new in retrograde periods, but it's an optimal time for planning how to move forward in a positive direction.

Don't dread external circumstances - deal with them instead.

Need help putting a plan in place? Message me to book a discovery call or book online.

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