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Change Without Pain Workshops

Our workshops are designed to deliver maximum value in minimum time, giving you practical tools you can use right away to make positive changes in your professional and personal life. 


Each workshop has 3 hours of content and can be delivered in person or online. Flexible delivery options are customized to you, for example choose a half-day session/retreat, a lunch and learn or a 30-minute mini workshop. 


To reinforce learning benefits, each attendee receives worksheets and lifetime access to our foundational Change Without Pain online course

Workshop format and content can be customized to meet your specific needs, or the needs of your organization. 


Our workshop topics include: 

  • Be a change master. Learn the 3-step Change Without Pain system and shift from surviving to thriving

  • Getting out of your own way. Strategies to painlessly push past resistance and achieve your full potential

  • Fact or feeling? Overcome discomfort and challenge assumptions to make positive changes in your life

  • Get comfortable in any situation by managing uncertainty and disruptive change

  • Practical meditation techniques for busy people who want to feel less stressed

  • How to develop and implement remote working strategies for maximum success

  • Bounce back from burnout by implementing positive habits that get results

  • Practical neuroplasticity for beginners. Harness the power of your brain for optimal performance

Contact us today to find the best solutions to help you shift from surviving to thriving! 

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