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Beat brain fog quickly and easily

Having difficulty concentrating? Feeling distracted? Experiencing brain fog? You're not alone. The massive change we've experienced over the past year creates brain stress and unpleasant symptoms.

According to psychologist John Sweller, brain fog can be explained by Cognitive Load Theory (CLT). To paraphrase CLT, working memory is an important part of the brain 'machine' when we work on new tasks.

Consider a marathon runner vs a sprinter. 🏃‍♀️

Working memory is like a sprinter.

Long-term memory is like a marathon runner, helping us do routine tasks on autopilot. Fewer routine tasks means the brain relies more on working memory throughout the day. In other words, we're asking the sprinter to act like a marathoner, which leads to exhaustion and burnout.

The solution? Incorporate tools and practices into your life that support your brain health. Beat brain fog with the Rapid Recovery Toolkit, now at a special price: Need to train a larger group? Message me for info on customized workshops for organizations.

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