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Delegate to save time and energy

When there's too much to do, even thinking about explaining what needs to be done to someone else feels like more work.

You don't have time to explain and your team doesn't have time...right?

👉 Ask yourself - are my assumptions true?

Assumption #1: My team doesn't have time

Have you had a team meeting to discuss priorities and schedules? Would this task be a great stretch assignment?

If your team is maxed out, hire a consultant to develop a plan and to streamline processes.

Assumption #2: I don't have time to explain

Estimate how long it will take you to complete the task - let's say 12 hours. Will it take you 12 hours to explain? Probably not.

If you set expectations clearly at the outset and have quick touchpoints along the way, you can clear your to do list and free up valuable time.

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