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Is success just below the surface?

Today is Imbolc, a Gaelic seasonal festival that celebrates the midpoint of winter and heralds the beginning of spring.

Why celebrate spring when it’s still cold and snowy here in Toronto (as it would have been when my Scottish ancestors celebrated it)?

Ancestral wisdom can come in handy during tough times.

What can we learn from Imbolc?

➡️Progress isn’t always visible.

During Imbolc, people gathered to celebrate making it halfway through a hard winter and the promise of warmer weather and more daylight. 🌞

We can’t see it, but below the surface plants are starting to come to life. Nature unfolds according to plan.

Feeling discouraged about how things are going? Is your project team feeling blah?

Remember the lesson of Imbolc.

Make progress visible by celebrating how far you’ve come and gleefully anticipating the positive outcome you're working towards.

I can help you move forward, faster.

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