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Move past resistance to get results

A friend of mine said to me the other day that we've had a few years' worth of change in a couple of months! Collectively we've had to adapt to new schedules, new ways of working, restricted movement, being isolated from most people and perhaps spending more time than usual with those in our household.

Thankfully there are signs that the situation related to #COVID19 is starting to improve in many parts of the world. There's a collective desire for things to "get back to normal". The truth is, things change for us all the time - just not usually on such a large scale, and involving so many areas of our existence.

There was an adjustment period when the #lockdown first started, and there will be a second adjustment period as we start to build and implement the framework for how our society will adapt and change to best live in the current reality. Whether it's building a stronger framework around #remoteworking, transitioning back to work while still #physicaldistancing, or managing whatever the school year may look like, it's important to plan for this next transition.

I've created this handy #infographic to help you understand resistance, in yourself or others, and focus on future results.

Resistance holds us back in the following ways:

1. We resist the present situation by focusing on the "good times" in the past. This prevents us from seeing opportunities and good things that are happening to us right now. We feel a sense of loss that leads to feelings of sadness and stagnation.

2. We distract ourselves from uncomfortable feelings by focusing on how things should be different in our current situation, or criticizing the behaviour of others. This leads to feelings of dissatisfaction, anger and judgment towards ourselves, our life in general and others.

3. We scare ourselves and activate our nervous system by telling ourselves stories about the future. The worst case scenario is on an endless loop in our brains, creating feelings of fear, worry and anxiety.

The key problem with the 3 behaviours outlined above is that they are not solvable problems. They're focusing on feelings or best-guesses, not facts or planning.

You can make the conscious decision to shift from resistance to results by doing the following 3 things:

1. Distinguishing between a feeling and a fact. You may feel that you've lost the good times in the past, but is that true? Regardless of the outside world, there are things you can do right now to create a better present moment, which is all that we ever have. We don't know what the future holds, but by releasing stress and focusing on building resilience, we can feel better right now.

2. Releasing judgment of ourselves and others. Are you upset by your friend's posting conspiracy theories on Facebook? Use the 'Snooze' function so that you get a 30-day breather from their posts. Are you angry with yourself because you're not as productive as you would like to be? Remember that we all do the best we can on any given day, and that our best varies from day to day.

3. Stop scaring yourself about the future. Pick your #1 worry or fear about the future. Write out the best-case scenario, the medium-case scenario and the worst-case scenario. Map out how you will solve the problem in each scenario to the best of your ability. Your track record for making it through tough situations is 100% and you can continue to plan and take action on the things you can control.

When you're navigating through transition, it's important to have guidance and a sounding board. If you'd like to move past resistance and focus on success, contact me for a free no obligation discovery call.

To super-charge your results, sign up for our special coaching package on building your resilience. You can complete the entire program in less than 3 weeks, for under $300 - an amazing value and great use of your time. Don't wait for things to get better to move forward - if not now, when?

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