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How to be an inspiring leader

Every change management initiative experiences setbacks and slumps.

Think about when you’ve made a change in your personal life – committing to a workout plan, for example.

Were you motivated every day, ready to take on the world?

Probably not.

Some days you were full of energy, while other times you may have lacked the motivation, felt tired, or sore.

If you kept going despite resistance, it’s likely because you continued to focus on the end goal.

Here are 3 ways to be an inspiring leader:

1. Acknowledge the current situation, but don’t get stuck in it. Hit a bump in the road? Let the team know that the project has hit a snag.

2. Focus on what can be done. Communicate that issues inevitably pop up during a project and that problem-solving is an important part of project management, teamwork and growth.

3. Reinforce the vision and the end goal. When people feel discouraged, they lose sight of what they’re working towards. Reminding them of where they’re going and that they will succeed, will energize and empower.

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