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How to Power Past Disappointment

Has a job interviewer ever asked you about your greatest disappointment at work?

Why would someone ask this?

It can be a way to measure problem-solving skills and resilience.

Just like life, every project encounters difficulties, unexpected challenges and roadblocks.

Disappointment means that what we planned or hoped for isn't what we're currently experiencing.

Here are 3 steps to move past disappointment:

1. Recognize that you're feeling disappointed. Feelings of disappointment are related to underlying emotions of anger, sadness, or both.

2. Release disappointment. Feelings produce energy that is stored in the body and mind. Write out how you're feeling, talk to a trusted friend, go for a walk, or take an online kickboxing class.

3. Remap your strategy. Learn from the disappointment and engage your brain's executive function by reviewing and updating your plan.

Need help powering through disappointment?

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