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Top tips to build awareness

Think about the last time you made a routine trip, to the grocery store or to work, for example. It might have been awhile ago, I know!

Have you ever made this trip and realized that you didn't remember how you go to your destination?

When we repeat behaviours, the brain creates neural pathways that make it easier to repeat these behaviours.

It takes less energy for our brains to go on auto-pilot, which is a useful survival mechanism designed to help us.

This same auto-pilot mechanism hinders us when it comes to change. The brain wants things to stay the same to conserve energy and protect us.

Here are 3 tips to help build awareness throughout your day:

1. Take a daily awareness break. Check in with yourself and notice if you're tense, hungry, or tired. Take care of your needs before tackling a big project or conversation.

2. Minimize distractions. This can be tough when working remotely. Set 2 blocks of time in your calendar as 'no distraction zones'. Make a sign and put it up at home if needed.

3. Recognize that change takes time and be patient with yourself, and others.

What are your tips for building awareness? Let me know in the comments! Need help managing change? Message me to find out how I can help you!

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